Sweet Comments

  • - I have had many cupcakes in my life and it shows. by far "scream for icing" has the most delicious and appealing cupcakes I have ever had. - Dave

  • Thank you so much for making our hostess gifts for my “Intervention Town Hall” panel with Candy Finnigan from the A&E Intervention show, so amazing! Not only were your cupcakes so tasty and moist….but the frosting was like eating ice cream in all kinds of flavors. Let’s not forget the presentation of each and every one of the cupcakes! They were each individually decorated with such a lovely presentation and tasted even better! Candy and I got home after a long event and had a couple of cupcakes for ourselves (I hid them for us) and we were eating them at 12 midnight with coffee because we could not wait for the morning.Candy wanted to take one back to L.A. but, that was eaten too! We have more Intervention events coming up and you will be the official Signature Cupcake Company who will be making all our panel members gifts….SIGNATURE cupcakes!!!!!! - Nancy
  • - Lisa made cupcakes for my daughter’s graduation party and they were a complete hit. Not to mention the truffles which were incredible! I am a big cupcake fan, and I think Lisa’s cupcakes are some of the best I have ever had! - Donna